This is where Mythical Method products separates itself from the pack.

Mythical Method Supplements operates with full transparency. We want to be open and honest with what we provide you. Below is a list of benefits you’ll experience by using our products, as well as an enhanced breakdown and explanation of the effects of individual supplements used in our formula.

How will Mythical Method Products Best help my workouts?

In order to be the most effective and efficient version of yourself in the gym or any other fitness arena, proper levels of energy and motivation are a must. Focus and stamina are then needed to take that energy and achieve desired results. Add in a massive pump as well as strength support, and you’re primed for a great workout in which you’re able to push yourself beyond previous limits.

Benefit Specifics

Mythical Method Supplements products supply you with the fuel to reach goals, set records, and completely transform your body…

Immediate & Sustained Energy & Focus

With 220mg of pure caffeine per serving, our pre-workout supplement will give you that immediate boost of energy within 10-15 minutes.
On top of that, 260mg of tyrosine and 200mg of all-natural ginseng root extract will provide prolonged energy and focus to get the most out of your workout.

Strength & Vascularity

You’re sure to experience added strength and power with the help of 2g of creatine monohydrate per serving. Creatine’s all-natural, proven strength gaining, and muscle building properties are well-documented.
The added blood flow and vascularity brought on by nearly 5g of citrulline malate and l-arginine will give you a massive pump, promote muscle growth, and increase your metabolism which will aid in fat loss.

Performance & Recovery

This is where Mythical Method products separates itself from the pack.
We pack 2g of beta-alanine into every serving which helps push through mental and physical barriers and allows you to work longer and harder than you ever have before.
But to take it over the top, we added optimal amounts of betaine, taurine, and l-carnitine to further bolster your performance & recovery capabilities. Add to that the fact that citrulline malate is well-known for its recovery abilities, and you are geared for as many intense workouts as you see fit!



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