At Mythical Method Supplements, we want to help everyone, every day, everywhere become the best versions of themselves. Our products provide convenient and quality energy to boost motivation and push through the daily stresses and excuses of life.


Mythical Method Supplements was created with two central goals in mind: convenience and quality. Whether you’re exercising for general health, training for a bodybuilding competition or endurance event, or even if you’re a professional athlete, we have you covered! Our one-of-a-kind, gelatin-based formula provides a convenient means to an energy and performance supplement, without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of a traditional pre-workout powder.

At Mythical Method Supplements, we don’t hide behind proprietary blends or exaggerated studies. Created in a GMP-compliant facility just south of Austin, Texas, every supplement in our line has been extensively researched and precisely formulated to ensure transparency, purity, safety, and performance.

"Our products are the first of its kind to hit the market"



I’m Jeremiah Wooten, owner of Mythical Method Supplements. I’m also just like you – busy trying to balance a million different things in life, while still attempting to achieve my fitness goals. Everyone has their own list: work, school, parenting, social life, church, volunteering, catching up on your favorite TV show, etc. Bottom line, we are all busy. And too often, we spread ourselves so thin that we aren’t able to find the energy or motivation to exercise. The list of excuses we could/do use are limitless.

For close to a decade, I relied on pre-workout powders to give me that much-needed boost. But my tolerance and acceptance of traditional pre-workout supplements went up in a cloud of dust (literally) in March of 2016.

I had just pulled in to the gym parking lot, and needed to prepare my pre-workout. As always, I was sure to pre-fill a shaker cup with water as I was leaving work to go to the gym. Next step was to measure and pour the pre-workout powder into the shaker bottle, of course. I set the opened container of powder on the console between my two car seats, loaded up one rounded scoop and started dumping it into the bottle. Well, that’s when my problems started.

For seemingly the millionth time, one tiny flinch of the wrist not only spilled the rounded scoop, but overcompensation led my hand directly to the open bottle of pre-workout powder.  Yep. I know you know what I’m talking about. The whole cab of my truck was soon filled with blue-raspberry flavored dust. And at that moment, I knew I had to come up with an alternative.

I wanted to create a product based around convenience.  Something that overcame the hassle that pre-workout powders present without sacrificing the supplemental benefits that I loved. I wanted to eliminate the need for a shaker cup, water to fill that shaker cup, proper measuring scoops, and most of all, wanted to eliminate the messy powder. After months of brain storming and extensive research, the thought came to me: why not create a pre-workout gummy?! They’re easy to consume, easy to package, and taste way better than the chalky, pre-workout powder!

Once my product path was set, I turned my kitchen into what some would consider a regular science lab. With the help of industry professionals, I experimented with different formulas and variations of what would eventually become the official Mythical Method pre-workout supplement. A select group of friends became the “guinea pigs” of each new batch of gummies I produced.  There were many obstacles to overcome, and much time and tweaking to ensure the product was safe, effective and sustainable.  Mythical Method Supplements will continue to make improvements and offer a wider variety of products, but I believe that now is the perfect time to introduce the world to our original, convenient, transformational product….the pre workout gummy!  I fully believe in my product, and I aim to make you a believer also.


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